Most of these projects and texts are no longer being updated.



Operating systems

  • Running Debian inside of Debian with User-Mode Linux: This text shows how to set up User-Mode Linux with networking.
  • UNIX-Tools: A text about useful command line tools: wget, bc, screen and ssh (German)
  • Linux-Tipps: Some of my Linux tips (German)
  • Linux: A text about Linux, distributions and window managers with a selection of some applications and alternatives to windows and important shell commands. (German)


  • My Firefox configuration: In this text I'm going to describe my Firefox configuration, especially the extensions I am using.
  • HTML: A scanty text about HTML. (German)
  • IP-Pakete erzeugen mit hping: This advanced text shows you how to use hping and generate IP packets. (German)
  • Internetprotokolle: A description about the protocols Telnet, Chargen, Discard, Daytime, Echo, SSH, HTTP and FTP (German)
  • Eggdrop: A very extensive tutorial about the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot Eggdrop. (German)



Mac OS X Dashboard Widget

Terminal manager

  • nScreen: a terminal manager like GNU screen. The difference is that it will connect to several machines (using an SSH tunnel), so you're able to control them all simultaneously.

GUI toolkit

  • OMGUI: A platform independent GUI toolkit written in C++ and LGPL licensed

Useful tools

No longer developed

Blog posts


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