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Chrome Extension: Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts

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I developed a Chrome Extension that provides keyboard shortcuts for Google Search since Google lacks good shortcuts (you have to press the tab key first before being able to select search results).


  • /: Focus search box
  • Return: Load selected result
  • ⌘+Return: Load selected result in new tab/window
  • j: Select next result
  • k: Select previous result


  1. Right click the Downlad button and select "Save Link As..."
  2. After the file is saved, go to and drag the extension into the browser window

Why is it so complicated to install the extension?

To protect users.

Why is this extension not on the Chrome Web Store?

Three reasons:

Source code

Project on GitHub:

License: WTFPL

Comments (3)

Ljubo_Opaki says: 2014-11-27

Great, thanks Thomas!
Mind that it only works on google.COM (not, .de, .es, .fr, .nl, .se ...)

If you want that, you have to add them/it in the manifest.json file (this file you download is actually a zip - unzip it and inside you have this manifest.json

You'll see this somewhere inside:
"matches": [

Add yours, so that it looks like this:
"matches": [

Be careful with commas :)

Steve says: 2014-11-06

It works for me. Its perfect! Thanks for the work.

Rajesh says: 2013-11-06

Hi Thomas,
I have installed your extension in my chrome but it seems that ur extension is not working... fter i entered a search page and t see the next search result i pressed tab and then j it doesn't work. also tried tab+j.. same with the other keys.. pls tell me the steps to make it work..

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